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Manfrotto, based out of Northern Italy, manufactures and markets camera and lighting support equipment. They are an international company, offering their products in more than 70 countries worldwide. Manfrotto's product line focuses on camera tripods and heads, lights and lighting stands, and any additional accessories for these including cords, carrying bags, etc. Their inventory is garnered toward professional work, as their products are the top of the line and highly customizable. For example, within the subgroup of tripods, one can chose which "series" of tripod based on what need they have for it, and from there they can choose different connecting and supporting pieces to match any camera.

Manfrotto: What makes it different?

Beyond offering high quality equipment and accessories for for the professional film, theater, photography, video and live entertainment markets, Manfrotto also participates in a multitude of service projects and organizations. As a part of their dedication to their social responsibility, Manfrotto's service includes work with Wells Brings Hope, Save the Children, Triple Knot Productions, and the Portraits of Love Program, among many others, all listed here. The products themselves are significantly better as well. Manfrotto has an enormous selection of different styles and variations for tripods, light stands, and carrying bags, all of which are of the highest quality, allowing the customer to pick exactly what they need without compromise.

Manfrotto vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Manfrotto)

Two leading rivals to Manfrotto are B & H Foto & Electronics and PortaBrace. B & H Foto & Electronics lacks the flare and design/aesthetic quality of Manfrotto's products. Manfrotto's product base is significantly more narrow than B & H Foto & Electronics which has both positive and negative implications. On one hand, Manfrotto is more specialized for what they do--they only sell tripods and stands for camera's and lights. In this sense, Manfrotto is considered an industry leader. However, on the other hand, B & H Foto & Electronics offers a much wider range of products overall. B & H offers audio equipment, camcorders, computers, personal entertainment devices(iPods, MP4 players), film, lighting, surveillance, televisions, underwater equipment and professional video cameras. Prices are similar between the two companies on their over-lapping products, however. PortaBrace also compares to Manfrotto. PortaBrace and Manfrotto compare similarly to B & H and Manfrotto in that PortaBrace offers a wider range of products than Manfrotto. PortaBrace offers an intermediate range of items as compared to B & H and Manfrotto; they aren't as varied as B & H but also aren't as specific as Manfrotto. Once again, though Manfrotto doesn't have nearly as many different categories of items, within the field of tripods and lighting stands, Manfrotto is far superior in quality, selection, and pricing. One area in which Manfrotto outshines both others is that Manfrotto offers a selection of apparel to accompany their products, so one can look the part in a Euro-chic outfit while photographing the world.

Manfrotto: Pricing & packages

At Manfrotto, dedicated artists pay for precision and perfection. While Manfrotto's prices may seem high to the casual browser, they are well within the acceptable range for photo material of this quality. Their jackets run from $274.99 up to $549.99, standard pricing for designer clothes, but perhaps overpriced for their unestablished, non-name-brand clothing. Their tripods run from the $200s-$500s, depending on the size and what you are looking for. Their prices are extremely reasonable and a great value considering the high quality carbon fiber tripods available. Compared to competitors, Manfrotto can't be beat in their pricing for tripods and lighting equipment, though the apparel they sell is somewhat overpriced.

Manfrotto: Product images & screenshots
Manfrotto Coupons
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Manfrotto: Customer reviews & comments

Manfrotto has received rave reviews from artists, photographers, videographers, and consumers in general.  Often mentioned perks of Manfrotto include their wonderful rebate options to cut down on costs and the warranty coverage that is easy to set up. Manfrotto receives much attention and coverage as "local heros" through their community involvement and social service. Much of their service falls within the category of "Children, Personal Development and Media-related" and Manfrotto will match the money/time given by their employees who volunteer or donate. Overall, customers are extremely satisfied with Manfrotto's products and service, as well as their image and commitment to the community and world.

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